sensing our World's disasters.

About nostradamIQ

How can we sense our World's disasters in advance?

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nostradamIQ is entirely Open-Source and Collaborative! YOU are Welcome to join the Quest for a save World!

We are an OS-Project initiated by the awesome NuPIC-Community, TEDx and many more events and circumstances! Together we accelerate Machine-Intelligence and its good impact for Humanity!

We made it our goal to be the global one-stop platform providing risk related information with following goals:

Focusing Research

A tool for on-ground researchers to focus their activities and resources on important areas in terms of risk and potential harm instead of the wealth of the Population or Government thereof.


A visually attractive, informative interface showing a combination of many different evaluation schemes. A time-line that enables to browse the history and learn about past catastrophes and their impacts, see what is currently happening around the globe, and easily learn about risks in the future.


A learning platform, teaching what to do in case of a disaster, informing what to be prepared for at a certain region of the earth.

Social Collaboration

A sharing service, to help you warn your friends & family about risks and help them be prepared.


A back-end that easily allows the integration of various data sources including social media.

Help saving the World!

Provide an intuitive, intelligent, informative and interesting tool to make sense of our Worlds data to save lives and educate - FOR FREE.

Isn't that a future worth living in?

If you think so, come help us!

You can help us in our Project in many ways:

We urgently need help in collecting relevant data. See our easy to follow step-by-step description for details.

If you want to help, but do not feel like coding, please share this message to motivate others to do so!

Translators, are also urgently needed, to provide the entire World with relevant information!
So if YOU are bilingual, please let us know and help!

We are also looking for Partners, Sponsors and Communicators!

Contributors, Partners + Sponsors

Focused Projects

nostradamIQ is not lonely.
Using the solutions explored in, inspired by and built with nostradamIQ, we established further spin-off Projects, which you can find here:

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