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Floods are one of the most common hazards on Earth and have claimed millions of lives in the past 100 years. Flooding can be triggered by heavy rainfall, tsunami events, high astronomical tides, snow melt, ice jams, prolonged strong onshore winds, or a failure of dams/levees to trigger. Flash floods are caused by excessive rainfall over a short period of time and are generally characterized by outpouring that sweeps through river beds, canyons, and streets.

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Q&A: Why “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”?

Many flood-related deaths occur in automobiles, as people under-estimate the force of the water and attempt to drive across flooded roads. According to NOAA’s National Weather Service, nearly half of all flash flood fatalities are vehicle-related. If you reach a flooded road or stream crossing, turn around—there is no way you can know the water depth or condition of the road under the water.